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    "It’s in the best interest that our community has a vibrant industrial base. Businesses within the Alliance have similar needs and they can work together. Businesses also benefit because industry feeds off other industry."

    - Sam Hancock, CEO
    American Stainless

    "I was elated to discover that the Alliance was being formed in Chesterfield County.  I believe that building new public-private sector partnerships to address pressing economic development needs is critical to the future of the county. By fostering increased collaboration between the private sector and local and state government, we’ll better position our county to attract businesses that will create new jobs, stimulate growth and raise the standard of living throughout our community."

    Phillip Ingram
    General Manager, Wal-Mart Distribution Center, Pageland

    “Chesterfield County is a wonderful place to work and live, yet we should all be willing to work at seeing it become even better. A public-private partnership such as our Economic Development Alliance will improve the lives of everyone in this county.  It will bring us over 750 new primary jobs, it will improve our road, sewer and water systems, and it will attract new and expanded business and industry investment.  If Chesterfield County does this, it will be easier to keep everyone's utility and tax rates down and bring the private sector's involvement in improving our economy to the forefront.”

    David A. Altman
    President & CEO Lynches River Electric Cooperative

    “The lifeblood of a small community is its industry.  It is the single thing that touches every small business, every church, every civic organization, and every individual.  The future quality of life in Chesterfield County is tied to the success of current industry and the ability to bring in new industry.  This is why economic development is so important to every person who lives in and loves this area.”

    Evans Tindal
    Plant Manager, Highland Industries, Inc.

    "Chesterfield County's economic climate is a reflection of the depressed US and world economies.  We need to take advantage of every available business opportunity to help promote and enhance our chances to bring in new business and commerce; while retaining what we have.  I feel the Chesterfield County Economic Development Alliance can be a valuable tool in this process and will be the engine we need to pull things together.  I encourage all to work together to assist the Alliance in accomplishing the goals it has set forth.”


    Ronald L. “Ronnie” Campbell
    President of CampBo, Inc.

    “We in Chesterfield County want to preserve and grow our livelihood, ensuring jobs with a future.  We have to determine and develop methods to realize this vision for our community going forward and this newly established economic development program is one of the tools that will keep us moving toward greater economic health.”

    Jim Lanter
    Director of Operations for the Schaeffler Group USA, Inc, of Cheraw

    “We are most pleased to have such high quality business and industry leaders taking a positive stand on the need for more jobs and extensive economic growth for Chesterfield County.  A public-private partnership such as the Economic Development Alliance is a win-win proposition for us all.”

    Sarah A. Decker
    Campaign Development Council General Chair

    “The important thing to remember here is that the private sector is indicating that they really want to be involved in helping our county grow economically, and that is tremendous. The new Co-Chairs are presently inviting other county business, industry, community and municipal leaders to join with them as members of the Alliance Development Council in an effort to unite Chesterfield County with a singular vision for economic growth.”

    W. Crawford Moore
    Campaign Development Council General Chair

    "I think other businesses should join the CCEDA because it is not something that one particular company can do, it has got to be a collaborative effort in Chesterfield County."

    - Lee Chambers, CEO
    Sandhill Telephone Cooperative