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  • Utilities


    Chesterfield County has all of the infrastructure in place to meet the demands of both large and small business and industry. From dual feed electric power to high bandwidth communications, we are ready for business.


    Electric power in Chesterfield County is provided by the following companies depending on the location of your business or industry:

    Lynches River Electric Cooperative

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    Lynches River Electric Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative headquartered in Pageland, South Carolina. Founded in 1939, the co-op provides service to more than 19,000 residential, commercial and industrial consumers in Chesterfield, Kershaw and Lancaster counties. Lynches River is a regional leader in Economic Development. We work closely with state and local allies making sure that prospects and existing commercial and industrial customers have the information they need to make decisions about locations and expansion. Lynches River offers a variety of incentive and rate packages for qualified prospects. Incentives are also available for certain infrastructure costs. Additionally, rate incentives to significantly lower the demand charges over the first three years of operation are available. Lynches River has successfully used these programs to attract World Class companies like: Wal-Mart Distribution, Conbraco Industries, plus many others.

    Lynches River serves many outstanding sites including the Lynches River Industrial Park, a 300-acre park with the anchor tenant of Wal-Mart Distribution. Currently, over 90-acres of prime commercial property with major highway frontage is available. Lynches River also serves other sites in Pageland, Chesterfield, Cheraw and Heath Springs. The Heath Springs site is approximately 250 acres with rail.

    For more information on economic development incentives or available sites, contact:
    Kevin D. Brownlee, Vice-President of Economic Development
    Phone: 843-675-3210

    Duke Energy Progress

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    Duke Energy, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, acquired Progress Energy in 2012 and now serves portions of Chesterfield County. If you’re considering locating or expanding your business in the Carolinas, we can help you find the community and industrial site that’s right for your company.

    For more than 100 years, Duke Energy has helped businesses thrive in the regions we serve – making our team a preferred choice in site selection services. Our nationally recognized site selection specialists provide the latest industry and site-specific information to help you grow your business.

    • Building and site searches
    • Detailed community data
    • Proposal preparation
    • Industrial building and site screenings
    • Custom GIS maps
    • Site visit and community meeting coordination

    The new Duke Energy will cover 200,000 circuit miles of distribution lines, 32,000 miles of transmission lines and 5,000 substations across North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio/Kentucky and Indiana to serve more than seven million customers.

    Pee Dee Electric Cooperative

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    Established in 1939 to serve those areas that investor-owned utilities deemed unprofitable, Pee Dee Electric Cooperative is more than a rural electricity supplier. The cooperative provides low-cost, reliable electricity and other services to residential communities, commercial establishments, and industries across the Pee Dee region. Locally owned by the member-owners it serves, Pee Dee Electric Cooperative is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by the membership at annual meetings held to conduct the business of the cooperative. Trustees are local member-owners of the cooperative representing membership districts in six counties of the Pee Dee region. Daily operations are managed by the president and chief executive officer.

    Pee Dee Electric Cooperative is growing rapidly with more than 30,000 services in place serving residents, businesses and industries, and 3,700+ miles of line in Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Lee, and Marion counties.

    In 1998, Pee Dee Electric joined a growing alliance of electric cooperatives nationwide that have united under the Touchstone Energy® brand to prepare for changes in the utility marketplace. Touchstone Energy® and The power of human connections® represents cooperatives’ unique characteristics in a marketplace where differences matter more and more every day.

    Economic Development strives to attract new manufacturing, retail and industrial facilities to the Pee Dee area. But that’s only half the job. Economic Development also works closely with existing industry to aid in any expansions or new projects.

    The Economic Development Department at Pee Dee Electric serves the member-owners in two distinctive ways. First, by bringing new industry or expansions of existing industry to the region the tax base increases, new employees are hired and regional growth continues. Second, because new business means more power usage and, because our cost of electricity is based on quantity and, because we sell power at cost, the savings generated in purchasing more electricity are passed on to our residential member-owners as well as our commercial and industrial accounts. The more we buy, the less it costs for everyone. This is a major reason basic power rates have not increased since 1983.

    For assistance with economic development contact:
    Tom Kinard, Manager Economic Development and Key Accounts
    P.O. Box 491, Darlington, South Carolina 29540
    Telephone: 843-665-4070
    Facsimile: 843-292-4443

    Natural Gas

    SCANA Corporation

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    Residents and businesses in Chesterfield County receive natural gas from South Carolina Pipeline a division of SCANA Corporation.  South Carolina Pipeline Corporation (SCPC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of SCANA Corporation, a southeastern focused energy supplier. SCANA currently serves more than 1.5 million natural gas and electric customers in the Carolinas and Georgia.SCPC pioneered the expansion of safe and cost-effective natural gas service into much of South Carolina beginning in the 1950s. Over the years, SCPC has grown into a natural gas transmission company that operates almost 2000 miles of pipeline within the state, bringing this efficient energy resource to 40 of the South Carolina’s 46 counties. In addition to pipeline construction, SCPC is also responsible for the on-going maintenance and efficient operation of its pipeline network. As evidence of this commitment, SCPC has invested more than $60 million in network improvements and expansion during recent years.

    SCPC is ideally suited to spearheading construction and expansion of new and existing facilities, applying its half-century of expertise to assure successful construction efforts and efficient and safe on going operations.

    For more information about natural gas service contact:
    Bobby Holland
    Phone: 843 676-3638


    Sandhill Telephone Cooperative

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    Sandhill Telephone Cooperative is a community owned and operated utility that provides communications services for many residents in Chesterfield County. Sandhill Cooperative offers phone, pager, internet, ADSL, and long distance services to its customers and can customize services for business and industry.

    For more information about Sandhill Telephone service contact:
    Lee Chambers
    Sandhill Telephone Cooperative
    Phone: 843-658-6379


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    Nearly every industrial site, has access to fiber optic communications lines and equipment.  AT&T can work with you company to provide the needed equipment and service your project requirements.

    For more information about telephone service in the Cheraw area of Chesterfield County contact:
    W. T. “Buddy” Bateman
    Phone: 803 401-2225

    Water & Wastewater

    Water and sewer service in Chesterfield County is provided by several public agencies depending on the location of your project.  The following public agencies and towns provide water and sewer service:

    • Chesterfield County Rural Water & Sewer
    • Town of Chesterfield
    • Alligator Rural Water & Sewer
    • Town of Jefferson
    • Town of Cheraw
    • Town of Pageland

    There is sufficient capacities of water and sewer available in most all of the water and sewer districts to accommodate most any project.  Contact the Economic Development Board for more information about each of our water and sewer service providers.

    In Chesterfield County, you can always wash a car, water a lawn AND run a business without concern for water restrictions, regardless of rainfall conditions. That’s because the county is located on the recharge area of the Middendorf Aquifer, one of the largest ground water sources in the Southeast. As water is pumped, the aquifer recharges- even during a drought! And it’s extremely pure – see testing data for a recent well. Click here to view and download document